Pat had a passion for writing poetry

These were her very own thoughts and feelings,

A very brave & courageous lady

Times To Remember And To Forget

There's a time in my life I would rather forget

Yet it made me strong in my heart

It made me see, that there's greater things

That we're only playing a part.

It was ten years ago that I was really ill

And I thought that my time had come

I went through the stages we all must go through

But I felt oh so alone.

Despair, disbelief, why me, what did I do

Each stage lasting some time

I didn’t feel ill, it just isn’t true

Doctor I really feel fine.

But no, it really was true

Cancer had found a new place

It was me it attacked

But it’s sneaky and quiet

And it struck with hardly a trace.

Chemicals and Radium, operations galore

Made me feel like another being

I changed from being me into something else

A  number; a patient, non seeing.

I pitied myself, I hated the world

How could they all laugh when I’m there

I was dying couldn’t they see

Didn’t they feel, didn’t they care

Christmas came, Christmas went

I don’t know how I coped,

It went by in a mist of my tears

I couldn’t smile or enjoy the kids Christmas day

I was so wrapped up in all of my fears.

Then one magic day I thought come on Pat

You've got family to get through this life

Get up, get strong you've got to win through

You haven't got time for this strife.

Positive and strong I prayed to my god

And thanked him for the strength I had found

For I knew he'd been there all along

Making sure I was safe and sound

It’s a long time ago now but I never forget

Of the feeling of total despair

It’s one journey that has to be made on your own

For although all around people care.

                                  Pat Ross xx

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Pat on her personal Guestbook.

Pat will never be forgotten.

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Forever In Our Thoughts xx

10th February 1951 - 4th November 2000

Hi, my name is Trudi and I would like to tell my mam’s story...

My Mam Pat Ross (nee Robson) died of heart failure after battling through cervical cancer.

She was only 49.

Pat decided to try & help other cancer sufferers.

She approached her friend Elizabeth Wilks & between them they held small group meetings at different venues & met  others going through the trauma of cancer.

They talked through their problems & helped each other.

This was her inspiration to do more.

She approached Macmillan Cancer Support & helped to raise much needed  funds for the fight against cancer.

Pat, my mam had an unfair life.

She was a hard working kind hearted woman who always put others first.

People who knew her will know this.

I  feel so honoured & privileged  to have had such a strong, beautiful, loving best friend like her.

I love & miss her every single day...

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