The Chyrelle Addams Cancer Support Trust would like to announce a big thank you to our three heroes, Tony Hurworth, Trevor, Atkinson and Steve Armstrong for giving up your time and support to help our cause.  Sadly Steve had an accident on day five of the ride and so had to leave the challenge, which left Tony and Trevor to soldier on.  We wish Steve a speedy recovery and can’t thank him enough for taking part.

The challenge was for the bikers to complete thirty countries in just thirteen days, when infact they managed it in just eleven. How amazing and not the easiest challenge, as many of the roads and terrain were extremely difficult, weather conditions poor and fighting against the clock with delays etc.

Our little mascot, Byker Bear went along on the journey, enjoying his adventures along the way,  getting up to all sorts of mischief, keeping in touch and sending us lots of pictures to keep us updated.

This has been very successful and completely worthwhile, with all their hard work making a huge difference to the charity, raising approximately £9,400 enabling us to pay vital funds off our Holiday Home (Caravan), including site fees etc.  Our holiday home provides a respite service for all our cancer patients and plays a vital role in helping to promote well being, positivity and happiness, whilst going through and recovering from many types of cancer.

A celebration was arranged for the bikers return at The Burn Pub, Willington, where we all had the opportunity to welcome them home and have a huge fundraiser to complete the event.

Here’s hoping that the lads will take on another challenge next year!

Thanks again, your all amazing

Posted by Kay Wigham (Trust



Crimdon Dene Holiday Home - Living Room